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Betty Friedan
Program Video Clip List
Clip # Start Time End Time Description
1 00:21.0 01:10.6 Videotape of Betty Friedan speaking on women's rights; March on women's equality in front of the White House
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2 01:10.7 02:40.6 Reading from The Feminine Mystique; Friedan's message in book
3 02:40.7 03:33.6 Origin of Women's Movement
4 03:33.7 04:19.2 The progress and regress of the Women's Movement since 1920 (Nineteenth Amendment passed)
5 04:19.3 05:01.4 Susan Ware's involvement in the Feminist Movement
6 05:01.5 05:38.1 Betty Friedan's alma mater, Smith College; How The Feminine Mystique came about
7 05:53.0 06:27.3 Reaction from The Feminine Mystique in 1963
8 06:27.4 07:31.5 Statistics from the end of the 1950s; Baby boom rates
9 08:13.0 09:38.7 The recognition of conservative women leaders
10 09:38.8 10:59.3 Prevalent feelings of dissatisfaction from women in the 1960s
11 11:03.2 13:24.6 Friedan characterized as a rabble-rouser; Quote from Friedan by Life magazine; Other players during this time period
12 13:37.2 14:35.2 Generalization made about men and women
13 15:01.6 16:23.7 Videotape of Betty Friedan speaking about the inferiority of women
14 16:23.8 17:55.8 Media's reaction to women in the 1950s and 60s; Various stereotypes portrayed
15 17:55.8 18:34.3 Direct link to the founding of the National Organization for Women
16 18:34.4 20:06.8 1950 news reel of the types of jobs women could get; Susan Ware's reaction
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17 20:54.1 23:06.7 Equal rights of women and the Constitution; Equality for women the last 40 years; Speculation of Friedan's feelings today on changes within the last 40 years
18 23:06.8 24:07.8 The parallels between the Women's Movement and the Civil Rights Movement
19 24:24.8 25:41.9 Early feminists and symbolism of bra burners
20 25:41.9 26:40.8 Women in the 50s involvement in party politics
21 26:49.6 29:04.9 Controversy about Carl and Betty Friedan's relationship; quote from Daniel Horowitz's book, Betty Friedan and the Making of The Feminine Mystique
22 30:11.0 30:55.3 Definition of feminist according to Susan Ware
23 31:06.7 32:43.3 Definition of a feminist today; Differences between a feminist during the 60s and today
24 32:43.4 33:59.3 Editors thoughts about women in the 60s; Measure of how much has changed since
25 34:16.1 35:54.0 Opportunities for women as a result of Friedan and The Feminine Mystique; Friedan's work transcends across time
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26 36:25.1 38:28.0 1993 Booknotes videotape of Friedan commenting on what she was doing when she put together her book, The Feminine Mystique; Ware's initial discovery and reaction to the book
27 38:31.1 39:29.4 Introduction of Daniel Horowitz; College attended by Friedan; Smith College's effects and influences on Friedan
28 39:29.4 40:02.8 U.S. background history of 1930s and 40s
29 40:02.9 40:51.8 Why Horowitz wrote his book about Betty Friedan and more about her book
30 40:51.9 42:35.3 Mobilization of women in the workforce in 1945-46, during the War; Resentment of women after the War years; Influence on Friedan
31 42:35.4 43:00.6 Challenges for Horowitz teaching at an all women's college
32 43:07.8 44:37.5 Issues that influenced Friedan to write her book; Issues that remain unsolved today
33 44:37.6 46:36.5 Baby boom birthrates between 1946-1964; Symbols of the baby boom in America between 1945-1960; Emergence of movement
34 46:36.6 48:10.1 Northampton, Massachusetts; Speculation of Friedan's views of Ayn Rand
35 48:10.2 50:05.7 Changes made to The Feminine Mystique; Fundamentals of the book
36 50:05.8 51:21.3 Parallels of the Civil Rights Movement and the Feminist Movement; The Vietnam War shapes Friedan's views
37 51:30.9 53:58.9 Bad press about women bearing children during early Feminist Movement; Support of choices made by women during the later Women's Movement
38 53:58.9 55:11.0 Quote from book; Explanation of The Feminine Mystique; Importance of the word, mystique
39 55:17.2 59:20.9 Media creation of the disconnection of black women from the Feminist Movement; Current women and their perception of them today; Definition of feminist by Horowitz
40 59:20.9 01:01:04 Margaret Mitchell, Gloria Steinem, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and many more were all graduates of Smith College; Diversity of women graduates from Smith College and their leadership roles
41 01:01:05 01:02:14 Number of women's colleges in the U.S. from 1945 until today; the decline of women's colleges in the U.S.; Opportunities as a result of decline
42 01:02:19 01:04:20 Cause and effect between the increasing divorce rate and the Women's Movement over time
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43 01:04:42 01:06:07 Women studies as a scholarly field
44 01:06:08 01:07:03 Questions asked by college students of Horowitz about 40s, 50s and 60s
45 01:07:13 01:09:26 1971 videotape of Gloria Steinem speaking about the National Women's Political Caucus; Sherrill Redmon speaks about what can be learned by the papers of Gloria Steinem that are housed in The Sophia Smith Collection of Women's History
46 01:09:27 01:12:12 How Sophia Smith began Smith College in the 1870s; Speculation on Sophia Smith's feelings about Friedan, Steinem and others that were associated with the Feminist Movement; What's in the Collection
47 01:12:22 01:13:29 Friedan's 1942 Smith College Questionnaire questions that are prominent
48 01:13:42 01:15:33 Issues dealt with during the Feminist Movement that are still dealt with today
49 01:15:45 01:17:43 How Friedan recognized women of color and working class women during the 1940s-1970s; Representation of women in The Feminine Mystique
50 01:17:49 01:20:13 How the Feminist Movement compares to the Civil Rights Movement; How does the Movement encounter a broader society?
51 01:20:14 01:22:28 Videotape of Friedan speaking about current times for women; Bella Abzug introduces the formation of the National Women's Political Caucus; What transpired during this time period
52 01:22:30 01:26:38 The conservative woman's point of view ; Divorce rate and the Women's Movement; Various points of view found in the Sophia Smith Collection; Gloria Steinem's involvement today with women's rights
53 01:26:39 01:26:51 Degrees held by Friedan
54 01:26:58 01:29:30 How Friedan's work dealt with violence against women
55 01:29:40 01:30:39 Friedan's belief of women having both marriage and a career
56 01:30:44 01:32:55 Progress of the United States as a result of the Feminist Movement; Contributions made by women in the workplace
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57 01:33:15 01:34:35 Sociological effects on children from women returning to work soon after giving birth
58 01:34:36 01:35:26 Personal experiences of Horowitz as a male reader of Friedan's works
59 01:35:27 01:37:21 What military women contributed to the Women's Movement; Susan Ware's reaction to women not allowed on the front lines today
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60 01:37:41 01:40:09 The term, radical feminist, explained; Lesbianism and the view of Betty Friedan
61 01:40:14 01:41:54 Contributions of women across time seen as the complete history of the Feminist Movement
62 01:41:55 01:42:21 Feminist Movement or Women's Movement and the term preferred by Ware
63 01:42:22 01:43:47 Videotape of comments made by Friedan about the positive changes that have resulted from the Feminist Movement
64 01:43:48 01:45:27 Horowitz's position on women; Friedan's whereabouts today; Cooperation of Friedan with Horowitz in writing his book
65 01:45:31 01:46:53 Bella Abzug's involvement in the Women's Movement
66 01:46:56 01:52:27 Feelings of opposition experienced by women having a family and career today
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67 01:52:31 01:53:26 Friedan's life between 1942-1963
68 01:53:45 01:57:09 Historians recognizing contributions made by women
69 01:57:10 01:59:26 Committees during the 30s and 40s; Sherrill Redmon's summarizes ongoing process of the Women's Movement; Daniel Horowitz states the changes of the Movement; Susan Ware states ongoing problems identified and progressive changes made
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70 01:59:43 02:01:10 Videotape of Friedan speaking on how far women have come over the last 30-40 years
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