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Mary Chesnut Program
Video Clip List
Clip # Start Time End Time Description
1 0:24.0 1:15.4 Who was Mary Chesnut? Description of Diary from Dixie; History of the book
2 1:15.5 2:29.6 Reading of the first page and additional history and context of the book; family background of Mary Chesnut
3 3:08.0 4:16.3 Why is it useful to study history from a first person account?
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4 4:16.5 4:56.0 Is this book unique for its time period? Are there any other similar writings? Esteem for Mary Chesnut's work
5 5:42.1 6:25.4 Ken Burns' PBS clip on Mary Chesnut
6 6:30.0 7:26.9 Mary Chesnut's popularity, political beliefs
7 7:31.1 8:47.4 Discussion of Camden, South Carolina and Mary Chesnut's life there
8 8:47.5 10:27.8 Plantation life
9 11:23.1 13:05.9 Background and insight into Mary Chesnut's writings
10 13:06.0 13:34.9 1860 Census
11 13:51.7 15:26.2 Mary Chesnut on Lincoln and his election; secession history
12 15:31.0 16:45.0 Mary Chesnut's opposition to slavery and her outspokenness; Did she express these views to the Confederate leaders?
13 16:45.1 18:15.0 1860 census information on the Slave population in the Northern, border and Southern states; Statistics on Slave numbers in the South
14 18:24.5 20:30.2 Relationship between Mary Chesnut and Varina Davis; Background and comparison of the two women
15 20:46.2 22:39.2 How many free blacks were in South Carolina at the beginning of the Civil War? Did any of the free blacks themselves hold slaves? Emancipation laws in the early 1800's in South Carolina
16 22:54.1 24:15.0 Does Mary Chesnut's diary cover any years after the Civil War? What was her opinion of the book Uncle Tom's Cabin? What was Mary Chesnut's view of Harriet Beecher Stowe?
17 26:03.4 28:33.6 The history of Mary Chesnut's journals, how they came to print and her other writings
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18 28:38.0 31:21.1 Did Mary Chesnut think that the war was fought over slavery issues? Did Mary Chesnut understand the economic issues of that time period?
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19 31:41.0 33:41.4 What happened to the books after Mary Chesnut died and how did they edit and publish them? Initial publishing in installments in the Saturday Evening Post; The Post gave the journals the name Diary from Dixie
20 33:46.0 37:37.1 Lithographic facsimile of the "Ordinance of Secession"; Famous names of signers including James Chesnut, Mary's husband; Language of the Ordinance; Reading from the "Declaration of Immediate Causes" - the document that sites the causes of the secession
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21 37:50.2 40:14.0 The contradictory nature of slavery - were slaves considered human or sub-human?
22 40:18.2 41:37.3 Mary Chesnut's views on slavery
23 43:56.0 45:05.4 How many states ultimately succeeded? What were the reasons behind the other states secession?
24 46:31.8 47:42.8 What Camden, South Carolina was like in the 1860's
25 47:54.1 50:04.9 Reasons for maintaining slavery; costs of the individual slave
26 50:05.0 52:18.4 Mary Chesnut's view of women in her society
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27 52:18.5 52:29.7 Was marriage the only option for Mary Chesnut?
28 52:53.7 54:26.7 Did Mary Chesnut have any close confidants that were either black or mulatto?
29 54:26.8 55:42.0 Video of Charleston, South Carolina; cultural epicenter of Mary Chesnut's life
30 56:47.2 58:24.8 South being opposed to abolition and Lincoln
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31 58:24.9 59:40.4 Mary Chestnut's description of Lincoln
32 59:43.7 1:03:39 How Southerners perceived Sojourner Truth
33 1:05:07 1:10:17 The firing on Fort Sumter; reading from her diary and interpretation
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34 1:10:21 1:11:51 Mary Chesnut's views on Jews; Religion in Mary Chesnut's own life
35 1:12:03 1:15:16 Reparations from slavery; Mary Chesnut's thoughts on slavery; views on slavery both past and present
36 1:15:17 1:15:48 Is discussing and understanding slavery glorifying it?
37 1:16:00 1:17:48 How did the Civil War affect Mary Chesnut's lifestyle? What was her life like after the War?
38 1:17:49 1:18:31 How did the War affect Mary Chesnut's relationship with Molly, a former slave?
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39 1:18:37 1:19:31 Mary Chesnut's family life
40 1:19:32 1:22:22 Isabelle Hill, Mary Chesnut's Great-Great-Great Niece; Mary Chesnut's family's view of her; Present day family's relationship with Mary Chesnut's property
41 1:22:23 1:22:59 Are the diaries the only thing that Mary Chesnut collected?
42 1:23:00 1:24:34 Mary Chesnut's personality, character and her view on the role of women in society during her time
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43 1:25:20 1:26:34 Where Mary Chesnut lived throughout her life; Her life in Sarsfield
44 1:32:37 1:35:03 Biographical information on Mary Chesnut; General and Civil War information
45 1:36:02 1:36:52 What and why is important to know about Mary Chesnut?
46 1:37:29 1:38:45 How did the lifestyle change for the people at home in the South during the War? In South Carolina, who fought in the War?
47 1:38:46 1:40:39 How did blacks' situation change during the War? Did any blacks fight for the South, either voluntarily or involuntarily?
48 1:41:00 1:43:47 Distinction between Diary from Dixie and Mary Chesnut's Civil War
49 1:43:48 1:45:20 Is Mary Chesnut appropriate to include in a series on American Writers?
50 1:45:34 1:47:29 The firing on Fort Sumter and the legality of secession
51 1:47:30 1:49:25 Basic biographical facts on Mary Chesnut and her family; Education
52 1:49:54 1:53:28 Discussion on the context of slavery through out history and today; Slavery based on race versus slavery without basis
53 1:53:34 1:53:56 The origin of Boykin as part of her name - Mary Boykin Chesnut
54 1:54:04 1:55:30 What part did religion play in Mary Chesnut's life?
55 1:55:31 1:56:42 What was the predominant religion in the South in the 1860's?
56 1:56:43 1:59:20 Mary Chesnut's experience in the black church; Her effect on the church; A passage read regarding Mary Chesnut's thoughts on religion and her experiences in the black church
57 1:59:56 2:01:04 State of Mulberry Plantation after the War
58 2:01:05 2:02:19 Sherman's March; Information on Sherman
59 2:02:20 2:03:37 Discussion on the largest slave owners
60 2:03:38 2:04:28 Mary Chesnut's early life and Statesburg, South Carolina; video of her childhood home
61 2:06:05 2:06:52 Social status of Officers and Enlisted in the Confederate Army; Sale of Mary Chesnut's home to a slave owner
62 2:06:53 2:08:11 Mary Chesnut's opinions on mulatto children; Mary Chesnut's views on the Southern male hypocrisy of her time
63 2:08:12 2:09:10 Slavery and its role in causing the Civil War
64 2:09:11 2:09:50 A quote from Mary Chesnut on how she views society
65 2:09:51 2:13:11 Overview of Mary Chesnut and her personality; Locals' opinions of Mary Chesnut; Mary Chesnut's interactions and reactions with her peers
66 2:13:13 2:14:12 Portrayal of a speech by Mary Chesnut by an actress
67 2:17:06 2:19:20 Relationship between Buck Preston and General Hood; Gullah Jack
68 2:19:21 2:20:19 The age and time period of Mary Chesnut that the actress portrays
69 2:20:21 2:20:58 Attire of women of the middle 1800's
70 2:21:51 2:24:24 Stump speeches by Union soldiers on the inequality between white and black people; Freedmen's Bureau
71 2:24:36 2:27:26 Original copies of Mary Chesnut's writing
72 2:28:20 2:28:54 List of women's diaries
73 2:30:02 2:30:25 How the slave population was counted in the 1860 census
74 2:30:26 2:31:59 Mary Chesnut's recording of the Civil War; Her look at human nature and death
75 2:31:59 2:32:51 What can we learn about life through the Civil War years through Mary Chesnut's writings?
76 2:32:54 2:34:18 What were the men of the South fighting for? What was their motivation and reasoning?
77 2:34:38 2:36:10 How and when did Mary Chesnut die? Video of her grave; Misspelling of her name on her gravestone
78 2:36:20 2:37:47 Take away information-basic facts and lessons

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