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Born: January 24, 1862 - New York, New York
Died: August 11, 1937 - St.-Brice-sous-ForÍt, France

Excerpt from Age of Innocence

t was not the custom in New York drawing-rooms for a lady to get up and walk away from one gentleman in order to seek the company of another. Etiquette required that she should wait, immovable as an idol, while the men who wished to converse with her succeeded each other at her side. But the Countess was apparently unaware of having broken any rule; she sat at perfect ease in a corner of the sofa beside Archer, and looked at him with the kindest eyes.

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Teaching Topics in Social Studies
Her novels and short stories spotlight the characteristics of the GILDED AGE, focusing on the stratification of ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL CLASS
and the machinations of UPPER CLASS SOCIETY. She cast a critical eye on VICTORIAN MORALS and her chacracters struggled against restrictive WOMEN'S ROLES. In 1907, Wharton moved permanently to FRANCE where she was active in assisting the ALLIED EFFORTS during WORLD WAR I.

Teaching Topics in Language Arts
Her FICTION is imbued with vivid
Scavenger Hunt
What talent did Edith Wharton put to use in the creation of The Mount?
. . . answer . . .
CHARACTERS and DIALOGUE; she often used SATIRE and IRONY to illustrate her MORALS and THEMES. Her mind was stimulated through a wide circle of LITERARY AND INTELLECTUAL FRIENDS.

Facts About Edith Wharton and the Age of Innocence
  • She was born Edith Jones, in the midst of the Civil War
  • Her first novel, written at fifteen, was entitled Fast and Loose
  • Her first published book, The Decoration of Houses, denounced the Victorian style
  • By 1901, her income from various trusts equaled approximately $22,000
  • She moved to France in 1907, returning to the U.S. only to accept the Pulitzer Prize and an honorary doctorate from Yale

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