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W.E.B. DuBois
Born: February 23, 1868 - Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Died: August 27, 1963 - Accra, Ghana

Excerpt from The Souls of Black Folk

EREIN lie buried many things which if read with patience may show the strange meaning of being black here in the dawning of the Twentieth Century. This meaning is not without interest to you, Gentle Reader; for the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color-line.

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Teaching Topics in Social Studies
A leader in THE NIAGRA MOVEMENT, a group that demanded an end to legal segregation and a push for opportunity through HIGHER EDUCATION,
W.E.B. Du Bois helped establish the NAACP as a permanent body to work to change JIM CROW LAWS which had been legitimated through the Supreme Court case, PLESSY VS. FERGUSON. He addressed the importance of retaining and elevating AFRICAN CULTURE, advocated on behalf of COLONIZED countries, particularly through the PAN-AFRICAN movement and eventually moved to and became a CITIZEN of GHANA shortly before his death.

Teaching Topics in Language Arts
He achieved a national reputation through the publication of The Souls of Black Folk a collection of pieces, autobiographical,
Scavenger Hunt
Who was "The Talented Tenth?"
. . . answer . . .
scholarly and anthropological in nature. He addresses his AUDIENCE directly as "gentle reader" in an attempt to PERSUADE, through DETAILS and ARGUMENT, to his POINT OF VIEW. He served as the EDITOR of the NAACP JOURNAL The Crisis.

Facts About W.E.B. DuBois and The Souls of Black Folk
  • He was the only African American in his high school class
  • He began his career as a writer at age fifteen working as a local (Boston) correspondent for the New York Globe
  • His editorials in the Crisis during World War I led to increased rights for black soldiers.
  • He wrote and organized in favor of the rights of colonized countries, especially those in Africa.
  • He refused to comply with a federal request to register as an agent as a "foreign principal" and thus was indicted under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

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