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Born: November 24, 1925 - New York, New York

Excerpt from God and Man at Yale

Ho exhaustive exposition of the arguments advanced by the liberals on behalf of their notions of academic freedom and the university's mission is necessary. The principal tenets are known. This side of the question is well advertised, and the reasoning (if that is the right word) behind it indelibly imprinted in the minds of the majority of the "intelligentsia." In most communities, to kill a proposed measure is, with appropriate incantations, to label it as in violation of academic freedom."

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Teaching Topics in Social Studies
Despite being published in 1952, the basic principles of God and Man at Yale are still pertinent to modern day POLITICAL STUDIES.
William F Buckley asserts the CONSERVATIVE point of view as it pertains specifically to theory of EDUCATION. In God and Man at Yale William F. Buckley questions the level of SECULARIZATION of American schools. Mr. Buckley is an icon of conservative thought. His writing sparks healthy debate between individuals with both LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE points of view

Teaching Topics in Language Arts
The level of LANGUAGE in God and Man at Yale can be extremely challenging. Students will benefit tremendously from studying the VOCABULARY in the CONTEXT of the work.
Scavenger Hunt
What former United States Attorney General rejected several invitations to appear on William F. Buckley's Firing Line?
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Furthermore, Mr. Buckley often begins chapters with QUOTATIONS that capture the MAIN IDEA of the entire chapter. Overall, the book deals with issues surrounding the concept of ACADEMIC FREEDOM. In the book Mr. Buckley attacks the LIBERAL slant of professors at Yale, and criticizes the impact IDEOLOGY has on their TEACHING.

Facts About William F. Buckley and God and Man at Yale
  • William F. Buckley speaks English, Spanish and French fluently
  • He wrote God and Man at Yale a year after graduating from Yale
  • In 1965 he ran for mayor of New York City and received 12% of the vote
  • William F. Buckley is an accomplished sailor
  • His television program, Firing Line, is one of the longest running of all time

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