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American Writers: a journey through history is a permanent archive for educators, researchers and every one interested in the writers featured in the  C‑SPAN series.

VIII. Social Transformation to Vietnam

James Baldwin  
James Baldwin
The Fire Next Time
Bronx, NY

Betty Friedan
Betty Friedan
The Feminine Mystique
Northampton, MA

No image available  
Russell Kirk, William F. Buckley & the Conservative Movement
The Conservative Mind & God and Man at Yale
Mecosta, MI

No image available
David Halberstam, Neil Sheehan & the Vietnam War Writers
The Best And The Brightest & A Bright Shining Lie
Washington, DC

American Presidents
Presidents in this Era
John F. Kennedy, 1/20/1961–11/22/1963
Lyndon B. Johnson, 11/22/1963–1/20/1969
Richard M. Nixon, 1/20/1969–8/9/1974
Gerald R. Ford, 8/9/1974–1/20/1977

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