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American Writers II: the 20th century
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Susan Swain is Executive Vice President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of C-SPAN, the cable industry's public affairs network. She is a long-time on-air moderator for Washington Journal, C-SPAN's morning program, and a collaborator on special programming including the networks historical series: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858, the Alexis de Tocqueville Tour, the Peabody Award-winning American Presidents: Life Portraits, and the latest series, C-SPAN's American Writers II: The 20th Century, a fifteen-week historical series set to launch in March, 2002.

American Writers II: The 20th Century American Writers takes viewers around the country to historic sites, birthplaces and homes associated with the lives and works of selected American writers. A new two-hour live program airs each Sunday afternoon at 3 pm Eastern for 15 weeks; Swain will moderate a number of programs. This fourth major programming series continues to merge C-SPAN's commitment to history and books.

In addition to her work on the historical series, Swain shares moderating duties of special programs for C-SPAN including BookTV's live program In Depth airing on C-SPAN2, the presidential campaign 2000 programs include coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the presidential debates, and election night. In the past, projects have led her and camera crews to places such as China, Saudi Arabia, Canada, France and Great Britain.

In her role as co-chief operating officer, Swain is responsible for the network's daily editorial operations. She helped launch BookTV on C-SPAN2, television's most extensive ongoing coverage of the non-fiction book industry; radio station WCSP-FM in the Baltimore/ Washington area that offers commercial-free public affairs programming 24-hours a day, and most recently C-SPAN3, a public affairs service for digital cable. She has helped develop outreach efforts for the network including C-SPAN in the Classroom and The C-SPAN School Bus.

Swain has served as editorial manager for three books: Booknotes (Random House, 1997), Booknotes: Life Stories (Random House, 1999), and Booknotes: Stories from History (Public Affairs, 2001).

Swain is an officer of C-SPAN's parent company, The National Cable Satellite Corporation, a board member of the C-SPAN Educational Foundation, a former trustee of the University of Scranton, and is a member of various cable and journalism professional associations including The Museum of Television and Radio, CTAM (Cable Telecommunications Administration and Marketing), and The Washington Cable Club.

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